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Vitthalnathji Prakatyadin – Jalebi Utsav

श्री विट्ठलनाथजी (गुसांईजी) के प्राकट्य दिन की मंगल बधाई।

Have purposely taken up this writing today as people outside the Pushtimarg rarely know the life and works of Vitthalnathji, fondly called as Gusainji.

He too, like Mahaprabhuji, has moved around India to spread the idea of Pushtimarg and taken efforts to build and shape the Sampradaay. His 28 ‘Baithakji’ (a seat of learning and propagating the Pushti thought) are very well known and respected amongst the Shree Vallabh Sampradaay.

The second son of Shree Mahaprabhuji and Shree Mahalaxmiji was born on the 9th day of dark moon phase of the Hindu month of Margshirsh. Having hobbies like music, dance, painting and Horse riding, Vitthalnath completed the studies of the scriptures at the age of 10.

Being the son of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, the task of building and shaping is not easy. Vallabhacharya had his work well defined that is to promulgate the Pushti thought, leaving the work of shaping it to the next of his kin. Vitthalnathji lived upto the expectations and not only built up the thought but also gave it a shape. His work of making the followers of Vallabhacharya understand the Pushti thoughts and imbibing them in life is unparalleled in history.

The story behind the Jalebi Utsav is also interesting. One evening the Mukhiyaji (head priest) of the Gopalpur temple is said to have got a divine call to celebrate Vitthalnathji’s birthday. It is said that it was Shrinathji himself who told the Mukhiyaji to make Jalebi’s. Bhagwaan explained, that life of Vitthalnathji is filled with “Ras” (full of savoury thoughts) and what a better way to celebrate than to savour the “Ras purna” (full of sweet juices) Jalebis. So the Mukhiyaji followed the diktat. The next day morning, when Vitthalnathji arrived at the Gopalpur temple, he was a bit perplexed and so he enquired about the Jalebis. That is when he came to know that it is the diktat of Bhagwaan Shrinathji, Himself, to celebrate his birthday. And from that day onwards, the birthday of Vitthalthji is celebrated as Jalebi Utsav.

Sometimes I wonder, like many of you must also be, that is it truly possible? But faith can move mountains. Bhagwaan through his devotees can get things done as He wishes. Maybe the Pushti Sampradaay started celebrating Gusaiji’s birthday in such a way as it was Vitthalnathji who filled their lives with the right devotion towards Bhagwaan. And then as it is our Sanatan Parampara, we say that it was Bhagwaan’s wish to celebrate in the same way.

Vitthalnathji and his works like Shreesarvottam Stotra and Vidnyapti are treasures of the Pushti Sampradaay and need to be read to understand Mahaprabhuji’s thought.

It is his Vrat of leading atleast 2 persons onto the path of Bhagwaan and then partake any morsel of food during a day is something which we all, modern day devotees, should emulate. This can be our true Namaskaars to Gusainji.

Jay Jay Shree Gokulesh!



Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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  1. it’s fascinating to read and learn about your world. it gives better understanding and patience, and more tolerance for each other’s practices. anyway, from my world, this time of year we greet our friends and wish for them more blessings in the coming year. Have a great year ahead, my friend.

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