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Hamare Atalji

गीत नया गाता हूं

टूटे हुए तारों से फूटे बासंती स्वर
पत्थर की छाती मे उग आया नव अंकुर
झरे सब पीले पात कोयल की कुहुक रात प्राची मे अरुणिम की रेख देख पता हूं गीत नया गाता हूं

टूटे हुए सपनों की कौन सुने सिसकी
अन्तर की चीर व्यथा पलकों पर ठिठकी
हार नहीं मानूंगा, रार नहीं ठानूंगा, काल के कपाल पे लिखता मिटाता हूं

गीत नया गाता हूं

Born in a middle-class family in Gwalior, Atalji’s love for the native language, Hindi is beyond words. He became the first person to deliver a speech in Hindi at the UN General assembly.

His fighting spirit is at par with his love for peace. His initiative of starting a bus to Lahore, with himself boarding the first bus and crossing over to Pakistan, is still very clear in my memory. At the same time when we were attacked in Kargil, his firm resolve to push back the enemy also demonstrates his love for his country.

His humour, His truthfulness

His sarcasm, His wit

His determination, His dedication

His way to make friends beyond party lines.

With all his differences, he was a true human being

Obeisance to this great soul on his birthday!