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Ganga Dusshara – 9

Ganga – Howrah Bridge – Kolkatta

As we go closer to our destination, the form of the river becomes a delta and grows bigger but slower so as to smoothly enter the ocean. That is the purpose of our lives too. We began with the physical sins and moved on to the mental sins and we try to understand how to remove them from our lives. We move on to the second but last stop of our journey.

परद्रव्येष्वभिध्यानं मनसानिष्टचिंतनम्।

वितथाभिनिवेशश्र्व मानसं त्रिविधं स्मृतम्।।

9. To think that bad happen to others

Manasanishtchintanam” – to think bad about others. We think bad not only about others but also whom we consider close to us. Thinking about the loss of a close one is also a sin which we do without even understanding that it creates a negative feeling in our minds.

Negativity is the biggest hurdle in our growth and development. It hurts us badly without us even realising that it is hurting us. Negativity is slow poison – kills us slowly. From thinking negative about others we slowly move towards thinking negative about ourselves.

Maa Ganga is full of positivity. Her flow through all the obstacles is never hindered nor slowed down. She guides us to live and lead our life through every good and bad situation and reach our destination, the feet of Lord Vishnu, who resides in the ocean. Our destination will be reached when our lives be filled with “Positivity

Positivity not only help us move ahead in life but also accelerates us towards our goal. Being positive in all things is a big step in our development. Am reminded of the story we all have heard or studied in our childhood days – “It’s all for the Best”, where a king by mistake cuts his finger and the minister says its for the best. This angers the king and he sends the minister to prison. Later when he goes for hunting and attached by a wild animal, the wild animal leaves the king due to the smell of the blood from the cut finger. The king realises his folly, comes back and releases his Minister. But he asks how was the cut finger best for the minister. Then the witty minister replies that hadnt he been in prison he would have accompanied the Kind on the hunting trip and got killed himself.

So as we take our second but last dip in the Holy Ganga, we pray to Her to help us inculcate positivity in our lives and lead us to our development.

Tommorrow we will reach our destination and also celebrate the festival of Ganga Dusshara. See you all tommorrow…