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Haiku #49

Your form is my land

You till it by my desire

This is “Adhyatma”… // 13 //

The 13th chapter of Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta is my favourite because I took to listening to discourses on Her through the divine words of Revered Pandurang Shashtriji. Here Bhagwaan reveals that the body which we have is nothing but the “Kshetra” (fielder) and He, Himself is the “Kshetradnya” (farmer).

One needs to read this chapter again and again and at all walks if life because there is clear guiding light about what to show in it. Bhagwaan has listed a few characteristics which need to be imbibed in one’s life. At the same time, He pronounces that whatever He has shared till now, is what has come down through generations from the Rishi’s. He is speaking nothing new.

Here, if we come up with an idea or a thought and consider it as original, whereas Bhagwaan himself is being so humble in accepting the thought and process. Even after talking about various new ideas, He does not call them their own. But humbly calls it the path of the Rishi’s. Would we be able to understand this? Let’s think

– Astu –