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Morning Musings… 6

Began my day with listening to Kabir sung by Abida Parveenji. So soothing voice and such great writing. And introduction to both the stalwarts by Gulzaarsahab. A combination unbeatable.

Came across the following doha (verse):

सब धरती कागद करूँ,
लेखन सब बनराई,
सात समुंद्र की मश करूँ,
गुरु गुण लिखा ना जाय।
Sab Dharti Kagad karu,
Lekhan karu banraai,
Saat Samundra ki mash karu,
Guru “gun” likha na jaay.

Kabir says that if I make the land the paper and all its plants a pen, and if I make the ink from from the waters of the seven seas, then too will not be able to write the characteristic values of my Guru – Teacher.

Now this is such a beautiful thought. The verse itself explains the importance of a teacher, a mentor in our lives. The trust for our teacher has to be 100% then and only then will the teachers teachings have an effect on our lives.

Am reminded of the shlok from Shiv Mahimna Stotra written by Pushpadant in praise of Lord Shiva where he writes

असित-गिरि-समं स्यात् कज्जलं सिन्धु-पात्रे।
सुर-तरुवर-शाखा लेखनी पत्रमुर्वी।।
लिखति यदि गृहीत्वा शारदा सर्वकालं।
तदपि तव गुणानामीश पारं न याति।। ३२।। Here Pushpadant talks about God and says that he cannot write all the values imbibed in God.

Now I will not be drawn into the discussion of who copied from whom or any such sort of debate cause I believe that 2 people living at 2 different places and maybe in different times can have the same experience as each other. Isn’t it?…



Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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