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Am writing after a long time…

So many thoughts looming in my mind…

Should I write about Uttarayan? Or Parakram Diwas? Or the upcoming Republic day?

Or should I continue my series about my Seacation?

Should I write about the Yadnya (यज्ञ) a thought being playing on my mind for a past few months?

Or should I write poetry? A haiku?

I got my answer today that I should write what I observe around me. These little instances help us build life. These acts of kindness and gratefulness makes us human. These help us mould our lives.

Just for demonstrative purpose…

Today while walking on the Borivali station I saw a middle aged person buy oranges. We both boarded the same train compartment. The compartment had 2 kids trying to sell their wares for their living. The man called the kids to himself and asked about their education. The kids replied we go to night school. Mummy is alone so we help her during the daytime. And they asked the man of he would like to but their wares? The man did buy and pay. But in addition he gave each kid an orange and asked them to eat it. The kids asked if he was ok that they took the oranges home and share with their mom. Now these 2 siblings sat back talking on the same seat as the man. They wanted to get down at the next station. As the station approached the man gave all the oranges to the kids and asked them to take them home. The kids eyes twinkled. The elder sister at the same instant got the 2 oranges out of the bag and gave them back to the man. She asked him to take them and eat them and asked if he wanted more. The man took the 2 oranges and said that he wanted the kids to share them with their mom. The station arrived and all 3 got down. Heard the younger brother saying that today was their Uttaraynan

Now this incident is so beautiful.

Such childlike innocence is what we miss in our lives.

Such gratitude to the giver is the Indianness imbibed in all of us.

Such compassion for fellow beings is the tradition to which we belong.

Would surely like you all, my readers to sit back, observe and pen down your thoughts like these.

Till then, ciao…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

14 thoughts on “Thoughts…

  1. What a start

    Very powerful incodent bhai.

    My reflection

    Who taught them this inspite of being in financially challenging or humble background

    They are able to think about the mom, how loving anl caring she would have been to them

    And giving two oranges back was like an unbelievable gesture which is obviously a sign of gratitude.

    Ordinary Incidents bring Extraordinary human side to front.
    Thanks for sharing bhai..👍🏼

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        1. No Uttarayan = Uttar + aayan. It means movement towards the north. It is used when sun moves from the south direction towards north. From 21st june it will move from north towards south. Its is called Dakshinayan.

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