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Sea Cruise – 2 (Sail ahoy!)

The blaring horn

With the sweet corn

Thus was reborn

Permanent sojourn….

The anchor was lifted and the cruise was guided out of the Mumbai docks by the guide boats towards the sea. The thrill to watch the water being churned is quite a different one from the chills one gets from the blaring noise of the horn of the cruise. The initial fear of drowning was addressed very well before the cruise sailed.

Every person on the ship was called to the lower deck where the muster ships are kept for the safety drill. We are demonstrated how to use a life jacket in case of any eventuality and later also told that the muster we are standing beneath can carry 150 passengers in it. The “abandon ship” signal was played and explained too. The way the crew demonstrated and explained made one feel relaxed and any anxiety of drowning was driven out.

The ship sailed on the chords of guitar being played in the atria of the ship. A combination of oldies and newbies lifted up our spirits. We all were not only excited but also curious about the journey. High tea was served on the deck.

Within an hour of sailing, we were guided to the auditorium for some Bollywood show with songs. Though I was not excited to watch it as I wanted to spend time watching the sea, calm and serene, went with all to watch it. And I tell you it was treat.

The show was named “Oye Balle Balle”. The story line was familiar but the songs chosen to be performed were beautiful. A mixture of old and new. We were coaxed to sing along. The costumes, the sets and the actors were all Bollywood like. What I really appreciate is that the lead actors and actresses were saying their dialogues and were also part of the choreography. To act and to dance for 2 hours non stop is itself a feat to achieve. Having acted and danced in stage one can understand how draining must it have been. Yet they performed with smiles all the time. The show ended with the whole audience up on their feet and dancing.

After a quite but sumptuous dinner, we were again on the upper deck enjoying the sea and the dark night. The moon was visible but that night it was cloudy so could not get to see the stars. The breeze opened up our hearts and minds and we stood there gazing into the night. We also remembered the Titanic and talked about it a bit.

Later in the evening, we attended a live music concert. The theme was “Music of the 90’s”. There was quite a crowd. The singers and their accompanying artists on guitar and drums were just mind blowing. Was relay happy to listen to the songs and a very surprising thing was that we remembered each of them and we all sung along. We were so enchanted by the singing that we didnt realise as time flew away and it was time to sleep.

So before heading back to the bunk beds we played a game of table tennis, made a few new acquaintances and then retired back to the room with memories to cherish and a resolve to get up early in the morning to watch the sun rise….

To be continued….


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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