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Cruise Day 1 – (Pre-sailing experience)

An unknown vacation

Called as a seacation…

Cordellia Cruises is known to us for all the wrong reasons from last few days. But today I sot back to write my beautiful and mesmerising reminiscences about my cruise travel.

It all began in the month of September, when my brother in law called us to ask us whether we would like to join them on a cruise trip back and forth to Goa. Ours was an immediate yes. The immediate reason being that we had promised my elder son for a trip once he finishes his 10th standard. The Covid situation had not allowed us to go anywhere but as soon as the restrictions were a bit loosened and we got an oppurtunity, we didn’t want to let go.

So we booked our cabins for a travel just a day after the New Year day ie. 6th November. In the meanwhile a controversy regarding the Cruise came up and it was all over the media. We were anxious about what would happen but at the same time a bit excited too as it was going to be our first maiden sea voyage anywhere.

On the day, we reached the International Cruise Terminal at 11am with a thought to spend maximum time on the Cruise and learn from the experience. The staff was very cordial. They made everyone very comfortable. The check-ins were quick and smooth and we all were given individual card keys to our cabins. My younger kid was very excited as he had not expected such a responsibility. We boarded the cruise by 12 noon and were asked to proceed for lunch first. Now this was a mesmerising affair with one sitting near the sea with a plateful of food. I had green salads and pastries with Indian sweets. The food was good and tasty.

Our cabin with an ocean view

Then we were guided to our rooms. Ours was a sea view. We first had our room help describe the various amenities in the room. Again as it was 3 of us in a room, the room had bunk beds for our accommodation. The beds are quite spacious and cosy. The amenities provided also were a locker in the one of the wardrobes and a hair dryer too. The luxury of this cruise is an adaptor which are in lesser amounts to charge ones mobiles. Actually lesser amounts as people travelling before us were tempted to take them home with themselves.

The trip around the cruise was mind blowing. A first hand experience at the deck and the roaring of the machines when the cruise sails still linger in my mind.

We took around 3 hours to go to each md every level of the cruise to view it from inside. The ambience is superlike. They have a library and card game space with lots of game. Also there are activities like a swimming pool and rock climbing. They host nice eateries too.

The cruise sailed around 5.30pm into the vast ocean and thus our journey on the waters began… Will be writing about our journey in the next blog… Till then, ciao…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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