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Ganga Dusshara – 10

Ganga Sagar

As we end the series today, am thinking about the journey when we began as a rivulet and now entering the ocean today. The narrow mindedness turning to broad mindedness. The art of looking at the world outside to the world within. It may be a complex process but we all have to undergo it one day. So let’s begin the last leg of our journey today.

परद्रव्येष्वभिध्यानं मनसानिष्टचिंतनम्।

वितथाभिनिवेशश्र्व मानसं त्रिविधं स्मृतम्।।

10. To wrongly insist / persist

Vitathabhivniveshashva” – to wrongly insist. Try to impose things on others which may not work for them. We all have this habit of insisting for things which have worked for us forgetting that different people have different solutions for the same problem. And that is how the Universe works.

Maa Ganga treads Her own path. She does not depend on others at the same time She does not expect others to follow Her. She goes Her own way. If people follow, fine. If they dont, then too She has no problems. She is “Nisang

At this stage of development we too need to learn this quality of being selfless. No attraction, no repulsion. No submission, no justification. This leads to the feet of Bhagwan Vishnu. This is the ultimate goal of life.

As we take the 10th and the last dip in Maa Ganga today, we pray to Her to bless us with the quality of being “Nisang” and attain the lotus feet of Bhagwaan Vishnu.

एतानि दश पापानि हर त्वमथ जाह्नवी।

दशपापहरा यस्मात्तस्माद् दशहरा स्मृता।।

O Ganga ! you are the one who will deliver me from the above said 10 sins and so I remember you (bow down to you) on the Dusshara day as “Duspaaphara”.

We bow down to Maa Ganga today and thank Her for guiding us all through this journey.

We thank Her for being there for us from eternity to eternity.

We bow down to Her and plead Her to keep us on this path of development and growth.

My dear friends / readers I thank you too for being a part of my quest to find answers to the questions which torments the Humans and trying to find an answer to them. Have we been able to find the answers? Have we learnt something? Have we grown during these 10 days? I leave these questions for you to answer.

Pray to Maa Ganga to keep writing about Her and get closer to Her through my writings

Namami Gange…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

6 thoughts on “Ganga Dusshara – 10

  1. Most of the people just want to follow the tradition instead of knowing the real reason behind it. As a result, we have lost the real value of the practices. I hope this knowledge spread more and people will do more efforts to find the truth.

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  2. Very nice series though have read few blogs only.

    Nice inference,Shlokas and pictures.

    Subject it self quite fascinating.

    Winning and reading about ma Ganga is always great things. The ma Ganga has nurtured the cultural identity of our mother land.

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