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Avatar – Parshuram Jayanti

अग्रत: चतुरो वेदा: पृष्‍ठत: सशरं धनु: ।
इदं ब्राह्मं इदं क्षात्रं शापादपि शरादपि ।।

Meaning : Parshuram who is well-versed with the four Vedas and sports the bow and arrow upon his back, that is the one who has the radiance of both the Brahman and the Kshatriya, will destroy the evil doers either with a curse or with an arrow.

Today we talk about his birth. There is a long history about his birth and many people have this question that why born a Brahmin did he hold weapons? Why did he have the qualities of Kshatriya (warriors) being from a class of intellectuals (Brahmins).

We begin this story with Parshuram’s Grandfather Rishi RUCHIK. During his times the warrior class (Kshatriyas) had both wealth and power. They had become very arrogant and led a money – centered life and they gave these Rishis a hell of a time. Ruchik felt very bad about this and felt that the Brahmins need to make these Kshatriyas understand the importance of a God-centered life. So he started moving around amongst the masses educating them about the same. He was very fearless in his approach and this earned him a lot of respect. While moving around the Aryavrat he reached Rishi Vishwamitra’s Ashram. There he met Satyavati, daughter of a powerful king – Gadhiraj. They both met and felt the need to get married.

Now Gadhiraj even though a Kshatriya had lots of respect for Rishi’s and was delighted when he came to know that Rishi Ruchik wanted to marry his daughter. And Ruchik too readily agreed to this as he felt this may lead to smothering of his work of making the other Kshatriyas understand the importance of God centric life.

Now as their family life progressed, Rishi Ruchik got more and more engrossed with his work so Satyavati one day told him that she wanted a son. It is said that Rishi Ruchik prepared a potion with magical powers to give the potion born kid the characteristics of a Brahmin and asked Satyavati to drink it. Satyavati kept it aside saying she will drink it when she will need the son. A few days passed and she again told Rishi Ruchi that as I dont have a son so I dont have a brother. So Rishi Ruchi made a potion for Satyavati’s mother whic would give the option born child the characteristics of a Kshatriya.

Now as destiny would have it, Satyavati took both the options to her mother and told her the whole story. The mother felt that the potion made for Satyavati would be stronger as Rishi Ruchik would certainly want his son to be better and stronger. So she coaxed Satyavati to exchange the potions and they did. They drank their potions.

Satyvati was a very transparent and noble lady.She came and told Rishi Ruchik the whole episode to which the Rishi replied that she will now have a son with Kshatriya qualities.

Satyavati realised he mistake and begged of Rishi Ruchik for forgiveness. And asked to transfer those characteristics into her grandson and not her son. The simple logic was that she believed that she is not going to live that long to see her grandson. And so was born Jamadagni, her son. He is well known for his anger but lived a Rishi’s life.

And this Jamadgni is the father of Parshuram.

So goes this story. Now people might doubt the story and ask intriguing questions too about the same. But I would just point out that today the spread at which genetical science is developing something liked what is told above in the story might be possible in next few decades. We need to learn more about Gene’s, Genetical Sciences and Genetical Engineering. Maybe Rishi Richik did study the Human Genime and knew how to handle it with care.

Let us remember that all this powers with God in center are very beneficial to the society but if they fall in wrong hands can be very evil. And then to destroy such an evil, an avatar called Parshuram will have to take birth.

There are still many stories surrounding Parshuram regarding beheading of his mother and his cleansing of the Kshatriya Clan 21 times. But leave it for next time.

On this day of His birth, we not only bow down to the Great Parshuram but also need to acknowledge the work done by His ancestors in the upliftment of the society.

Let us all pledge to study these characters in the right way so that the Science hidden behind the stories is revealed to us and we understand them better.

Let Bhagwan Parshuram deliver us all from untruth and lead us to truth.

PS : Those who would love to know the details can read the discourses of Param Pujaniya Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale on Avatar in his book “Dashavataar” based on which my thinking and this blog has taken shape.

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