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National Science Day (Reblog)

Today India celebrates one of its son, who had a scientific temperament and gave the world an understanding about the intricacies found in Nature.

Today is the Birthday of C.V.Raman who gave us the “Raman Effect“. Simply known to the students as “Scattering of light“. The concept of wavelength to be understood in manner and way with a handful of resources then, is in itself a big achievement.

The best part about this research is that it was done in India. Yes, you read it right! In India, during the 1930’s there were people who had independently tried to perform researches and contribute in their small way to the vast field of science. I emphasize this point as historically we are made to believe that we were an underdeveloped nation without a scientific temperament, which is a hoax. The efforts that our people have put in, with the limited resources is a thing which we need to appreciate.

A step further, I would say, the efforts that the scientists have put in, all over the word, with the limited resources and understandings is a effort that the whole of humanity needs to appreciate. These scientists who try to discover the miracles of nature and understand them, are no less then the Rishis of the Vedic tradition.

Coming back to C.V.Raman, his research for the answer to the colour of the sky being blue, led him to the discovery. Scientist Rayleigh in 1870’s had tried to explain, which did not satisfy Raman and he explored further. A consistent effort of 9 to 10 years led to his explanation of the concept of Scattering of Light. He was awarded the Noble Prize for Physics, for his discovery in 1930.

To remember this great Son and his effort to understand the miracles of Nature, India celebrates his birthday as National Science Day.

Last year, we got an opportunity to visit TIFR ( Tata Institute of Fundamental Research ) in Colaba, Mumbai, during their National Science Day celebrations. It was enlightening experience. My son, nephew accompanied by myself got an opportunity to visit 3 labs in the institute, which was an experience which cannot be described in words. The kids were delighted to learn about superconductivity in one of the labs. My younget kids too loved the smaller experiments which were conducted on their lawns and open for all. He got a chance to see the glass moulding and the study of sound waves. The research scientists and their HOD’s were just great, coming down to the level, that even a 7 year old can understand was a feat to see, understand and imbibe in my life.

TIFR also conducts workshops on various topics called “CHAI and WHY?“. Again a very beautiful concept not known popularly to Mumbaiites. It is 3 hour workshop on a particular concept with a question and answer session. Open for all age groups, again the efforts that the scientists make is a lesson to experience. Would request my readers who have a scientific temperament and those who dont to attend atleast once and see and experience for themselves.

At the end, wishing you all a very Happy Science Day and pray to God that He help us develop a scientific attitude in our lives.


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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