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Matrubhumi – Republic Day (Reblog with changes)

The enemies of our Motherland are here, within,

Rise up, O Obediant Son! You need to keep up Her Chin…

One need not go around the world to find these nerds,

They all end up in the educational institutes I heard,

They want freedom of expression and talk nonsense,

The time is ripe enough today to drive in them some sense…

Then there are others who sit in the studio and talk,

Just discuss and debate the break up India strategy to chalk,

Would write, talk and express their love for minorities,

No problem with that, but a country has it’s own priorities

The one masterclass of people which exist from independence,

Call themselves lawmakers but have no cultural essence,

Of what history and grandeur, this land called Bharat hast,

Look upon their masters from the west, and forget the rest,

These people do not have any respect for the sacrifice,

Which people gave for this country overcoming strife,

They just wanna criticise, analyse and comment bad,

And speak about everything, good, bad or sad…


There are people who expresss their love for Mother India,

Just like Singh, Azad, Bose, Patel and many intelligentsia,

Cause for them, She exists, She thrives She cares, and She loves,

And shows the right path on which their lives they drove…

A day when we Indians accepted our Constitution.

A day when our forefathers keeping aside their differences pledged to work according to the adopted constitution.

A sacred document which will be ever correcting and inclusive of new ideas and experiments going on in Society and around the Universe.

It is so inclusive that our lawmakers have made 107 amendments (roughly) to the constitution from the day it was adopted. People can argue in favour or against amendments, Supreme Court too might have struck down a few amendments, but what I like is that we are a vibrant democracy who wanna keep changing and adapting ourselves.

Yes, I see this as a very positive sign of a vibrant democracy, but would urge the political parties to stop playing with it for personal ideologies and personal oneman – up – ship. It should also not be used to settle personal scores nor used to propagate any type of animosity amongst its citizens. Please do not descecrate it.

The bureaucracy is whom I appeal to today. I urge them to rise above stupid and silly political favours and serving these political masters. Would like to remind them that it is, we, the people, who are their masters and they should serve the country. There are many examples of bureaucrats who have done this and are doing it, and people have always stood with them, strongly. May it be Mr.Khera, Mr. Khairnar, Mr.Chandrashekhar, Mr. Shreedharan, Ms Bhide, Ms Roopa and many more. I bow down to their commitment to India and it’s people.

Judiciary has till now been unbiased, trying their best to balance the constitutional values between the states and within their country. Baring a few, the whole of judiciary is unbiased, not leaning towards any ideology and trying to do their best within its limitations.

The fourth pillar is something which I wouldn’t like to talk about. But what other day then this. The Media is expected to be reporting the events in a totally unbiased way. But what we find today, that media itself is biased. Accepting gifts and then reporting with personal biases or prejudices has become the weak point of today’s India. I fail to find a single newspaper or news channel or news anchor or reporter who reports the event/s as it/they is/are. Rather they all want to add their own dimensions to it. Twist it to suit their narrative and please their political masters or editors or their bosses.

The lawmakers need to be above any suspicion. But what we find today is exactly the opposite. They rape, they plunder, they incite, they do anything possible to keep their chairs. So less talked about them better. But wanna ask my fellow citizens who vote for them. Why do we vote for them? Why dont we throw them into a dustbin? There might be a few good men amongst all these, but they are so few that they cannot influence the dirty decision making.

My readers, you all may feel that am writing so negative today. Its not the case. I just want to put up my perspective about our country. One may agree with it or may disagree with it. But if not us, then who will think about the things which need correction for our country. Or are we still waiting for an outsider to come and set it right? Then what are we, her children for? Just to sit back, criticise and wait for “Saheb” to come over and correct things. Then am sorry to say that we are not worthy of this hard earned democracy.

Friends, I urge upon you all to think about the points I raised and try to find solutions. Cause that is what India looks for, from us, her children. She has always caressed us and nourished us with all the the sweetest milk from her bosoms. She has always kept us all above her own priorities and waited for us to come to her and stay together as her children.

Wishing you all a very Happy Republic Day and many more to come…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

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