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Poem #26

Today I want to express my gratitude to all my students, past and present who have cooperated with us during all these times. With you all being there has always kept us young and always in the mode of learning.

My Students…

I dont why but I always wanted to be Teacher,

My parents despised this decision in worry of my future,

The idea of learning, all negativity to withstand,

Is the driving force of my passion, hope all understand…

The smiling face of my kids with questions ready,

Thir opening up with their likes, though slow and steady,

Their dislikes too need to be understood and heard,

So that they do not become the part of the herd…

I just love the days that I spend with my students,

Kids they are, facile, not a hint of fraudulence,

They make me noble and drive out my aggresion

For that’s the reason, that am a teacher by profession…


Am also a proud father of my son as he is my student too. A dedicated boy of this generation who is a normal child and is moulding me to becoming a better dad and a teacher.


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

39 thoughts on “Poem #26

  1. It is a very beautiful dedicated poem to your students. πŸ™‚
    And true, sometimes in our lives we get stuck between whether to follow our dreams or obey our parents.

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  2. A very touching poem, everyone who reads it can know how passionate and dedicated you are. Thank you for the knowledge you impart and the hope you give, you make world a better place.

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  3. One of the best … Complete poem full of emotions πŸ™‚ bhai ji

    I dont why but I always want to be Teacher

    My parents despised this decision in worry of my future ❀❀

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  4. This is such a great poem sir !
    I’m also to be the future teacher of the nation, kindly give me yours guidance when needed. I’ll be highly grateful for you.

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