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Matrubhumi – 1 (Repeat)

Friends just 2 years back I had embarked on the journey of expressing my gratefulness towards India, my motherland. I was reading it today and felt that I want to share the whole series (11 blogs) again with all of you. Many must have read it, but how many remember it? So repeating the whole series all over again. There might be a few changes, but those would be nominal.

The next 11 days are a Yadnya (offering myself) for me, which I hope you all will help me complete.

I vow to thee, my country
All earthly things above
Entire and whole and perfect
The service of my loveThe love that asks no questions
The love that stands the test
That lays upon the alter
The dearst and the bestThe love that never falters
The love that pays the price
The love that makes undaunted
The final sacrificeAnd there’s another country
I’ve heard of long ago
Most dear to them that love her
Most great to them I knowWe may not count her armies
We may not see her King
Her fortress is a faithful heart
Her pride is sufferingAnd soul by soul and silently
Her shining bounds increase
And her ways are ways of gentleness
And all her paths are peace

Sir Cecil Spring Rice…

A poem learnt in the Standard 10 of my school days still resonates at the same frequecy today as it did many years back…

Sir Cecil has written about two countries here, his own motherland (Great Britain) and everyone’s motherland (Kingdom of God). He sets a very sombre tone at the begining and then it culminates into a high pitch by the time it reaches its end. I still remember asking my teacher

“Why has he written about two kingdoms? It’s so confusing,Mam!”

Naturally the question had come out of fear of literature exam then, but my teacher, as experienced as she was, a devout Christian, answered,

“Boy, whatever you want achieve in life you have to strive for it, but at the same time, take care, to serve your nation too. Don’t forget it is Her, your motherland which spends all its time, resources and energy for you.”

“And at the same time also think about life after death. We all believe in it in one way or the other. We all have to strive to enter His Kingdom too, to find eternal peace. Here Sir Cecil through his poem is reminding us about it.”

I frankly didn’t understand about His Kingdom and eternal peace at that time, nor do I do it now as a whole, but the first few verses, just the idea of serving one’s own Motherland, instills a spirit of nationalism in me.

A few years later…

Had grown up. Started attending lectures (Pravachans) of Pujaniya Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale. He while talking about Bhumi (land) as one of the five elements (Panchtatva) while explaining “Panchchame” from one of the verses of Yajurveda explained thus,

“One has to respect the land on which he/she is born and needs to be dedicated to it. All those who learn here and go and earn in other countries find those beautiful and his / her own country unclean and dirty should be drowned into the seas” He went on to explain “How can one forget the love and warmth a person has got from this land! And what about the economic expenses (subsidies) She has borne for you! Forget all that but how can one detach from his / her mother! How can one call mother dirty! All such people are a blot for their own country.”

(Am writing just a gist of what he has said. Any translation mistake is mine alone)

It resonates my feeling that “An Indian should be dedicated to India in the same way as a Brit is to Britain and a American is to America. For Indians, it should be India first”

A few days back…

I come in touch with a student. Know him very well now. The best part is the clarity of thought this boy has. After some initial days of chat he props up a question?

“What is a Pracharak?”

And shares that he wants to be one.

All these everlasting memories and imprints have triggered me to write a blog and express and share my feelings and understanding about my Motherland, our Motherland, India, that is, Bharat….

What is my country?

What is the idea of Bharat?

What is the essence of being an Indian?

What is love for motherland?

And many more…

I plan to write a few blogs and try to find answers to my questions.

I urge my reader to contribute his/her feelings and understandings about the same.

It might be long, so anywhere during this journey if you feel bored then pls share the same

Jay Bharat

Jay Hind


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

11 thoughts on “Matrubhumi – 1 (Repeat)

  1. बहुत बढ़िया भाई मस्त …एक ठो कविता याद आ गई 😁🌸

    तन-मन-धन तुम पर वारे मा !
    शेष बचा क्या जो अब वारूँ ?
    लो अब जनम-जनम के पुण्यों की-
    पूँजी का बोझ उतारूँ
    उसको भी चरणों पर वारूँ

    तेरी ही मिट्टी से उपजा
    तेरा ही आकाश निहारा
    तेरी गोदी में ही खेला
    कूदा बन तेरा हम-तारा

    तेरी ही यह मलय वायु-
    है बनी मातु-श्री! साँस-सहारा
    तेरी ही खातिर फाँसी पर-
    झूले, अपनायी थी कारा

    बलिदानों ने बंधन तोड़े,
    स्वतंत्रता से रिश्ते जोड़े
    हर्षाकुल आँखों से निकले-
    आँसू से तब चरण पखारूँ,
    शेष बचा क्या जो मैं वारूँ?
    यह स्वतंत्रता जब तक भू-
    नभ रहे, फले-फूले, इठलाये
    इसकी रक्षा में मा! भले-
    हमारी पोर-पोर कट जाये

    लहराता यह रहे तिरंगा-
    नक्षत्रों की ज्योति चूमता
    विश्व शांति के लिये-
    बीच का‘चक्र-सुदर्शन’ रहे घूमता

    शोणित की हर बूँद-बूँद से-
    इसके तीनों रंग सँवारूँ

    तुम हँसती हो तो वसंत-
    छाता उपवन में
    मा! तेरी मुस्कान तडित बन-
    चमके घन में

    तेरी ही साँसों से मलय-
    पवन बहता है
    तेरा ही हिम-हास दिशाओं-
    में सजता है
    तेरी ही स्मिति तो-
    हिम शिखरों पर, जलधि-
    तरगों पर तेरा सुहास सजता है

    देकर सरबस, मात्र माँगता-
    जीती बाजी कभी न हारूँ
    हर क्षण, हर पल तुम्हें उचारूँ
    शेष नहीं कुछ जो मा! वारूँ।

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  2. Jai Hind bahi,
    I was thinking about this topic since last two days and surprised to see your blog. Just read this post. Will read all and share my thoughts with you.

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