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Maharana Pratap

He stayed in Jungles,

Slept on floor, ate simple food

He got Mewad back…

Rana Pratap fought Akbar and his army and built his own army from the tribals, “Bhils”, he met in the Aravalli ranges, when his relatives and the others did not help him.

The Charan Durshaji Aadha has written 72 Duha’s (verses) on the greatness of Rana Pratap and has sung them in presence of Akbar, which everyone needs to read.

Will share a few of them here for you all to read and understand them…

अलख धणी आदेश, धरमाधार दया निधे,
बरणो सुजस बेस, पालक धरम प्रतापरो. (१)

गिर उंचो गिरनार, आबु गिर ओछो नही ;
अकबर अघ अंबार, पुण्य अंबार प्रतापसीं. (२)

वुहा वडेरा वाट, वाट तिकण वेहणो विसद ;
खाग, त्याग, खत्र वाट, पाले राण प्रतापसीं. (३)

अकबर गर्व न आण, हिन्दु सब चाकर हुआ ;
दिठो कोय दहिवाण, करतो लटकां कठहडे. (४)

मन अकबर मजबूत, फुट हिन्दुआ बेफिकर ;
काफर कोम कपूत, पकडो राण प्रतापसीं. (५)

अकबर किना याद, हिन्दु नॄप हाजर हुआ ;
मेद पाट मरजाद, पोहो न आव्यो प्रतापसीं. (६)

मलेच्छां आगळ माथ, नमे नही नर नाथरो,
सो करतब समराथ, पाले राण प्रतापसी. (७)

कलजुग चले न कार, अकबर मन आंजस युंही ;
सतजुग सम संसार, प्रगट राण प्रतापसीं. (८)

कदे न नमावे कंध, अकबर ढिग आवेने ओ ;
सुरज वंश संबंध, पाले राण प्रतापसी. (९)

चितवे चित चितोड, चित चिंता चिता जले ;
मेवाडो जग मोड, पुण्य घन प्रतापसीं. (१०)

Totally there are 76 verses which the poet without any fear has sung them in from of Akbar.

Will urge all my readers to find these verses and learn and appreciate the poetry of the poet.

Rana Pratap had defeated Akbar’s forces many a times but it is not known to us as the history we study does not tell us. Historians call Akbar the Great and as a saviour of all, then why did Rana have to live in the jungles of Aravalli? Had he gone there for a picnic? History is quiet about this. Why? Can we not give justice to Maharana Pratap?he had taken a pledge to live in the jungles and sleep on the floor and eat simple food till He drives Akbar and his forces out of India.

Today on His birthday, bow down to this Great warrior and all His ancestors!!!


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

9 thoughts on “Maharana Pratap

  1. हिस्ट्री का मज़ाक बना दिए दरबारी 😏 हिस्ट्री को नए सिरे से लिखने की जरुरत ।।

    द्वन्द कहा तक पाला जाये ,

    युध्द कहा तक टाला जाये,

    तू हैं वंशज महाराणा का ,

    फेंक जहाँ तक भाला जाये…

    These lines are so motivating 🌸

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    1. महान था कौन
      किसको कहते महान,
      कैसा मेरा हिंदुस्तान,कैसा मेरा हिंदुस्तान।
      चोर,डाकू,लुटेरे,जमाये थे डेरे,
      घिरे तम,अंधेरे में दिन भी थे मेरे,
      लड़ा संग लुटेरों के वो ही बदनाम,
      कैसा मेरा हिंदुस्तान।कैसा मेरा हिंदुस्तान।

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  2. Fantastic!

    Nice subject!

    Ge proved point that he chosen to self respect over royal facilities , great chivalry.

    He exemplified king’s duty and point that being king is not to have leisures.

    Also there could be entire blog on eklingji the मेवाड के इष्ट देव.

    Ranas of mewad considers eklingji as king of mewad and themselves as subordinates

    There is beautiful ancient temple near Udaipur and rana of mevad (arvind singhji) regularly visit it.

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