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Boys Locker Room Stories and Solutions…

The latest rage on Instagram is about Boys Locker Room Stories. Dont want to get into the details of what the boys said. In short, they are discussing about calling a girl out and planning to rape her. It’s disgusting when I read it.

At the same time, we as a society need to find solutions too. Just criticising the boys or naming them in front of their families or maybe even subjecting them to some legal action will not be a permanent solution. Am not saying no to doing all this, but this is just a temporary solution. Will this not continue later? Rather it would with such type of boys being more alert about their chats and the ways to keep people away from them.

Let’s talk about long term solutions.

1. The families should be more engaging with growing kids, irrespective of gender of the child. Parents need to spend more time with kids, talk to them about their thought processes and problems. Talk and accept the thoughts of the younger generation with an open mind.

2. The society too needs to mould itself somewhere at some juncture which I think has arrived. The society too needs to see the relations between kids with an open mind, treat them as good friends and give them the space to spend time with each other. In no ways I am advocating spending time alone, but in publicly space without offending anyone.

3. The education system talks about sex education and educating kids thus. We have been doing this from a long time now yet the eagerness to know, to understand has led to different problems of such kinds we are discussing today. The system needs to educate the kids the right and the wrong, atleast when it comes to physical relationships. They need to mould them better. Teachers are the best people to mould their students in their teen age.

4. Openness in thoughts does not mean that we can talk about anybody or anything in the most weirdest of the manners. There is a limitation to this too. Kids need to made to understand the importance of values and especially boys need to be made to have a good outlook towards girls. Not to treat them as objects of pleasure or fun. Freedom to express comes with responsibilities needs to be emphasized.

5. There should be healthy discussions and debates amongst the younger generation on how to think, what to think and let them evolve through their thought process. At the same time, these discussions and debates need to facilitated by including the thoughts of wisdom from our books and experiences of our elders. The moderator needs to have a balanced view and should not be swayed by any one thought process.

In the same breath, I say, there will be many solutions to these problems but we as responsible humans and people need to come out and talk about them.

I personally am not shocked at what has happened cause this must be happening for a long time now. It has just seen the light now, that’s all. It’s the right time to strike when the iron is hot. Am happy that many boys are coming out very strongly against such things. So am positive that not all boys are bad. There may be a distracted or disillusioned few but we need to get them back too as they too are our kids.

Remember Readers!

The candle light vigils will only highlight the problem, not help us find solutions.

The girls can protect themselves. They do not need protection. We need to change our way of looking towards them.

It is high time that we as a just society sit, think, discuss and find a solution.


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

17 thoughts on “Boys Locker Room Stories and Solutions…

  1. Boys don’t have any other work??? They also have brains and can use it for any important stuff…. I think matured people will be talking about their job and company…. Ha ha….

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  2. Amitbhai, I Hope this pandemic will bring some sense in parents that giving sanskar is so much important than giving iPhone to kids. also they don’t know much about moral values and there is no elder in the house who can teach kids.
    I strongly believe that those kids and parents should be publicly called out so at least there will some hesitance in the future.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. It’s indeed a massive problem and the “locker rooms” are often online as well – in gaming side chats and so on.

    Sex ed is very important and can be broached in different ways.

    In our own family, we take some time to watch sitcoms and other shows *together with the kids*, ones that include healthy sexuality, pausing to explain things along the way.

    Kids want to know about sex; it’s an animal instinct and they will find out about it one way or another. It’s up to parents or other trustworthy elders to explore the topics together with them.

    The sitcoms or other funny shows can be perfect since it allows for a lot of laughter together as a family. Even if a parent doesn’t agree with all that is in the show, it’s a springboard to talk about these issues.

    In the evening we’re currently watching reruns of that old 90’s sitcom Friends, which our kids aged 8-16 all enjoy, and we have North American origins, but it could be any lighthearted show. The key is to watch together with them. It makes a show that normally is thought to be reserved for adults reasonable to watch with kids. Kids love watching things “above their age grade,” so they don’t mind the pausing and explaining if that is part of the “bargain.”

    Just thought I’d mention that idea. Thanks again for the post.

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  4. Important!!! Very very important!!!

    I agree with all your ideolgies.

    And we should find the solution not fight with the problem.

    I think proper sex education is necessary

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  5. You made a very valid point that apart from the appropriate punishment, we should introspect on our own approach towards the slow degradation of the moral values and how we need to revamp our ideologies. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing Ameet! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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    1. Welcome Sidharth…
      We all need to work on it…
      Just yesterday one of my student (girl) told me that theres a girls locker room too. So was prompted to write.
      PROBLEMS ARE MANY, BUT WHAT ABOUT SOLUTIONS. People write but never tell what to do, so tried in my own little way…

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      1. & its due to such intent of yours that people like me or say your student feel free to connect with you with utmost honesty on an emotional levelπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘. #Respect

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