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Mother Earth Day – 2

What has She, for us, not done?

Can we not all our wrongs, undone?

She never cries or complains but shares

We Her son’s behave like who cares!

Let us today pledge our love to Her,

And She loves us more for sure!

She is more our Mother, than Earth,

Let us all rise above our dearth.

The only thing we can do for Her,

Plant and replant and let’s save Water!

She will bloom and smile and rejoice,To us She will share her fruits and joys!…

Am sharing the poem which I wrote last year on the same day as we earthlings celebrate Earth Day.

The context today has completely changed. Today we are fighting the most dreaded virus, Corono, collectively called Covid-19. Our Mother Earth is blooming and purifying herself as Her favourite son, Human, has stopped all his activities which were polluting Her.

Am reading reports that the water of the Ganges which we have polluted during the last many years of industrialisation and development, has been cleared and people living on her banks are just filling up their pots with pure water of the Ganges.

The nest near one of our windows…

The flora and fauna around my house is blooming too. From a last few days we are observing a crow couple building their nest and preparing themselves for the upcoming raining season. It’s a treat to watch them work so hard to build their nest. It made me realise that every animal does work for it’s well being and tries to live in harmony with nature.

Hope we Humans realise our mistakes and try to correct them!

Hope we Humans try to learn to live in Harmony with Nature!

Hope we Humans make this Earth a better place to live in!

Let’s Heal the World!!!


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

14 thoughts on “Mother Earth Day – 2

  1. Human, due to his ego and overconfidence, wrongly thinks that he is almighty and omniscient and forgets that his power and knowledge is limited and that Nature has created us not the vice versa. We are trying to control and manipulate Nature while it is far more intelligent and powerful than human. That’s why Nature is warning us with COVID-19, Climate change, global warming, etc. We stil do have time, we can still control our greed and respect Nature and Mother Earth.


  2. Behtarin likha hai apne.👌👌

    प्रयावरण,हिंदी,विश्व धरोहर दिवस,
    न जाने कितने दिवस बनाए,
    पन्नो पर उसे सजाए,
    मगर हमने बचाए क्या?
    ये ना पूछ बैठना,हमने मिटाए क्या?
    चीखती नदियाँ,कराहते जंगल,
    बेजुबानों के लाश पर मनाते मंगल,
    घँटे,अजान से गुंजित धर्मस्थल,
    प्रेम कितना शेष अंतस्थल!
    गिरिजाघर,मस्जिद,मंदिर सर्वत्र दिख जाएंगे,
    और घर-घर गीता,कुरान भी
    मगर अपनाए क्या?
    ये ना पूछ बैठना,हमने मिटाए क्या?

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