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Vacations on Earth… 3

जरूरी था तुम जैसों का डर होना।

मानव बनाकर उस खुदा ने भेजा था इस जग में,
पता ना चला मशीन बना कब
खुद से दूर हुआ मैं ।
दौड़ भाग करते-करते ,
इस दिल को तो था, पत्थर होना ।।
जरूरी था तुम जैसों का डर होना ।

सब घबराएं तुमसे,
जबकी अदृश्य हो तुम भी ,
हर पल यही सोचूं
थम ना जाएं सांसें मेरी भी।
भान ना रहा कभी मुझको
कैसे होता है मेरा जगना और सोना।।
जरूरी था तुम जैसों का डर होना।।

नहीं जरूरत आज किसी की,
और ना ही था जरूरी कुछ भी,
खुद से आज मिला हूं मैं,
बंद करके खीड़की और दरवाजे भी।
आज मिला है वक्त अपनों में हंसने का ,
तो फिर काहे को रोना
जरूरी था तुम जैसों का डर होना।।.

Shivkumar Singh, Saki Naka, Andheri.

A poem written by my friend explaining our situation right now. At the same time seeing the positive side in the last stanza. The time to spend with oneself and with ones family. A much needed thing in our life of running after money, career and enjoyment.

Actually the enjoyment is in staying with the family. Am at home from last 5 days and am literally understanding what I have missed. I realise that my sons have grown big and they have started understanding a lot of things. We are playing and watching plays / movies together.

Yesterday played the game Mahabharat. A well made game with a lot to learn. We could just play for 2 hours but it was a learning experience for all of us. It’s a board game but not made on the lines of Business or Monopoly. It’s a complete different game where a maximum of 6 players can play. One learns about the different characters of Mahabharat as well as the different incidences which have occurred during that time. A much needed game in these times. A big shout out to “Lotus Light Publications” for making this board game

At 5pm, with the whole of India, we too clapped and rang our ‘thalis’ in appreciation of the medical staff and the people who run essential services. In these tough times, they are still working for us to keep our lives moving. It was an exhilarating experience to see everyone in their windows standing, clapping, appreciating and expressing their gratefulness. The idea of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has instilled a feeling of being one, Indianness, amongst all. Even the strongest of his critics have applauded Mr.Modi’s skill to get people together.

The idea of Janta Curfew itself was a beautiful thought which people followed and implemented to the fullest. I too stayed in the house from midnight to today morning 9am. It is an experience where I too learnt many things with my family. Doing small things and helping wife with small things is a good experience.

Hope you all are doing fine and take care of your health.

Let us be one in this fight against this dreaded disease.

Let us understand the importance of being together.

Let us live our lives with our families and spend the best time of our lives…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

10 thoughts on “Vacations on Earth… 3

  1. I’m from Delhi and amidst the outbreak there were communal riots. In a twisted way, I feel it has diverted the attention of that atmosphere of immense hate & if together we approach this situation in the right way then it can result in propagating unity in our society. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful perspective to such a deadly disease! 😊

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  2. आज मिला है वक्त अपनों में हंसने का ,
    तो फिर काहे को रोना।

    किसी को हँसाया,
    किसी को रुलाया,
    किसी को इतना दूर जो कभी ना मिलेगा,
    किसी को करीब लाया,
    आज वर्षों बाद इतने शांत
    घरों में अपनों के संग हैं
    नित्य मरते लोगों को देख
    रूह कांप जाती है।
    आंखें भर जाती है आ जाता है रोना,
    फिर कैसे कहूँ तुम्हें थैंक यू कोरोना!

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