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Vacations on Earth… 2

The Earth needs a break

And the society and so do we,

We have gone far apart

Need to come near, you and me…

The virus so minuscule

But it got us together again,

In the world so large

We enter our homes with pain…

Well keeping in the line of thought that we were talking about yesterday, got a few good responses especially from my seniors. The thought of distancing oneself socially maybe the need of the hour. But it is making us understand what coming together is. We want to stay together and spend time with each other. We again have time for our friends, family, near and dear ones and last but not the least for ourselves.

Don’t you all feel that in this mad rush of social distancing, we have already distanced ourselves from our own Soul. We have distanced ourselves from the God, who created us. We have not only distanced but alienated ourselves from the One who resides in us.

We have, even if we do not agree.

Now a person may feel that in these difficult times, when the Prayer places and Places where we say God resides, are shutting down to the devotees, what is the use of talking about such a God, which cannot even protect itself. I would just would like to point out to these dimwit yet so called intellectuals that please carry on your throatful but mindless rants against Him. But my question at the same time is that who gives you the thought to write against Himself? Who moves you intellect to think? Who makes your heart beat to keep you thinking? Just apply your brains and think logically. Faith is complete and Reason can be incomplete is what we devotees of Lord Ganesh know. It is the spirit of thy Father that speaketh in you, as Lord Jesus Christ said. And if a person questions the same, the person needs to remember that it is with the strength of something within, a person can question.

Let us utilise this time in realising the indwelling God and learn to respect everyone and every part of the creation, living or non living. Science too has come to the belief of believing in life in everything and stops short of acknowledging the Maker. But that’s fine. We should atleast develop a scientific behaviour even if we dont believe in God.

Let us put this time to something fruitful and pure and divine to upgrade our lives.

Let us put this to a positive use of finding some good things within, which we already have but never explored.

Let us unwind and be ourselves.

Let us go close to our nature and correct and update our inner systems.

Let us socially distance, but personally decrease the distance between ourselves and our God.

PS : Please air your views and keep waiting for another blog too…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

25 thoughts on “Vacations on Earth… 2

  1. Postive thoughts amidst this chaos. Really commendable!
    But, these are tough times for the poor who depends on his daily wage to feed himself and his family. With cities being shutdown, they’ll find it difficult to survive. Well to do people should not panic and stock commodities unnecessarily, leading to inflated price. It’s our collective responsibility to ensure wellbeing of entire society. That’s how we will thrive!

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  2. I totally agree with each n every point you shared. We have distanced from God who created us. We need to be closure to Him and our family. The virus 🦠 though too microscopic has taught the lesson of living life.

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