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Vacations on Earth… 1

Let us begin with the outbreak of Corona virus. It originated from Wuhan District of China. One of the most industrial district of China. It started around mid – November (as we know it now) and slowly spread to the other parts of the world. First suppressed and ignored, it has become a pandemic today with many cities, districts, state and countries virtually in state of lockdown or shutdown. In India too, the experts say it is at the 2nd stage.

As the virus spreads and expands its clout, people start talking about it. Basic hygiene is being talked about. Keeping away from each other – Social Distancing is being practised. And people are finding out innovative ways to stay indoors.

I too am locked up at home and spending time thinking and writing. I just love philosophy and my History. Yesterday night, we were reading the characters of Ramayana. All 4 of us. And then played a small quiz over what we had read. It was enlightening and the kids were taking interest too. We plan to do so today as well.

My kids are literally enjoying these holidays as their exams have been conducted or cancelled. So they have ample time to play. By grace of God, our society has a large play area and lots of kids and eager parents to allow the kids to play. Am reminded of my childhood days when we use to visit our home just for food and sleep, otherwise on the grounds playing marbles and cricket. Evenings culminated in Badminton.

The virus is bad thing that has happened to Humanity, but when we all rest at home, it gives a food for thought of where are we heading towards. The activity in our life has increased to the levels of making us so active that we have lost track of ourselves and our families and the society as a whole. We use the word Social distancing but it just means moving away from crowd. A crowd of people who are our co – travellers or office colleagues. We have already socially distanced ourselves from our families and relatives.

So rather then using such harsh words would suggest that we say we need a break. The society as a whole needs a break. The earth needs a break. And so my topic Vacations on Earth.

As of now only this much as a food of thought. Will think and write about it tommorrow. Till then, see you all…

PS : My readers can also share their thoughts on this topic. Would love to hear them.


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

19 thoughts on “Vacations on Earth… 1

  1. True! I also was thinking about this. And also about the power and balance of nature. Humans have been causing a lot of destruction ..and now we have to oay for it. Nature is so powerful.

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  2. Lifestyle changes can really make us focus on our priorities ad reset our perspectives. Just make sure that everybody has a chance to have an adequate personal supply of TP,hand sanitizers,etc. so as to lessen the anxiety and angst to make all of these tolerable.

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  3. Perhaps our earth is recovering from the selfish deeds of us humans. But sometimes by closing our doors to the outter world, one can truly connect with the universe that breathes within us all.

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