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Makar Sankranti – 2

The whirling of the winds,

The flying of the kites,

The shouts of ‘Kai po chhe‘,

And the spicy scent of vegetables,

The sweetness of jaggery,

The heat of seeds of sesame,

The vastness of the sky,

Is but Makar Sankranti…

The celestial combination

Of Sun entering the Makar,

Inclines our minds to go

As high as possible and soar.

So let’s go higher to the place,

Where nowhere has dared to go,

But before let’s give threads of life,

Into HIS hands, and let us flow…

Wishing all my readers a Happy Lohri and Makar Sankranti.

The day of observing endless and infinite sky,

The day of understanding the fun of flying high,

The day of spending time with family and friends.

Was just thinking about what to write and gazing at the sky through the window of the train in which I travel everyday. The large stretch of blue sky and white clouds just fascinated me. The vastness was frightening. How long can I see? How far can I see? But as the train moved ahead, the sky too. And slowly as I neared my destination, the fear turned admiration, that the sky travels with me. It is always there, I may look at it or not. It tempts some people to fly in it. Similarly our lives are vast, but they travel with ourselves. Rather we are the travellers like the kite that flies in the open skies during these days.

The kite in all colours, size and shapes just flies higher and higher. But till the kite is attached to the thread it doesnt sway from its path, into oblivion. Yes the winds can be strong to make it sway, but being connected to the ground, it can be brought back to the path once again.

Our lives are like that of a kite. Trying to find it’s way into the unknown sky of finding oneself. Till we keep it attached to the strings held by HIM, we might sway but will come back to the same path easily and effortlessly. The moment the thread is cut, we fly into oblivion. The thread is strong, the Holder of the thread is the strongest, but sometimes the other threads (illusion- Maya), try to cut our thread held by HIM. This is the time to take care and tighten up.

Let’s learn to soar high up in the sky, the thread so strong in HIS hand, and enjoy the vastness.

As we say it here in Maharashtra

तिलगूळ घ्या आणि गोड गोड बोला.

PS : the link to my blog on Makar Sankranti last year.



Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

20 thoughts on “Makar Sankranti – 2

  1. तिलगूळ घ्या आणि गोड गोड बोला.
    વાહ અમિત ભાઈ
    ઉતરાયણ સાથે ભીષ્મ પિતામહ ને કેમ ભૂલ્યા?

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