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Journey by train – 2

The other day I wrote my experiences about journey by Indian Railways and was overwhelmed with the way, my readers, you all reacted and had fun and learnt a lot of things through your responses.

Today I want to share my experience about travelling by a local train in Mumbai.

First things first. Mumbai local trains are the best and the fastest mode of transport in Mumbai. They might run 10/15 minutes late, yet always better than travelling by road. They are an experience of a lifetime.

One can learn a lot of things on the local train.

From good relations to the choicest of the abuses and a lot of new information. From stories to bhajans to folk songs to discussion on politics and spirituality to one of the worst type of fights (worser than the street fights), it is a daily routine.

From people chatting loudly to the ones who sit quite in one of the corners of the train and the most romantic couples to the marketeers who wanna sell their wares.

Then we have the ones who seek attention and the lone foreigner who is trying to figure out his way with the help of the trains.

The enthusiastic 4th sitter on the seat who would ask the other 3 to move a bit to adjust himself on the seat to the nearly drenched in sweat man trying to find a place beneath the hot air blowing fan.

The one who jumps into the arriving train for a window seat to the one who casually enters into the train when the person sitting at the window just gets up and gives his window seat to him.

Then the groups who make the loudest of the noises by their talks and games to the groups who come together, talk at the beginning and then go to sleep for the rest of their journey.

From the one who sleeps on the shoulder of his co-passenger to the one who snores loudly to disturbs the others sleep.

From the one watching movies or videos on the mobile (even with weak internet, what patience!) to the ones chatting loudly about their business transactions so that the whole compartment knows about it.

From the boy trying to stand on the foot board on the door of the train to the ones who want to perform antiques by endangering their lives.

It is always a thrill to travel during office hours as you get updated for yesterday events and about present day events. One just needs a patient ear to hear. Also one learns what to hear and what not.

Local trains of Mumbai teach you the act of living and behaving in a socially sound way. They train you for the worst and prepare you for life.

We need to continue this journey next month too so leave a few things for next time.


Waiting to hear from you all…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

27 thoughts on “Journey by train – 2

  1. Hi, Ameet. Happy Friday. Thanks for sharing such a great post. I felt I was on the train with you sharing all the excitement of the different people, their diverse actions, conversations
    – such an atmoshere. WOW! Have a great weekend. Goff

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  2. Wow! This was a fun read. And I’ve actually experienced the most of them. It’s fun while reading. But trust me, no offense, the bhajjans get annoying once you travel from Thane all the way to CST.
    Found each and every one of them fun and relatable. 🌺🌺
    Great stuff πŸ₯°

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  3. i remember my local train journey …people watching movies … playing guitar …some chopping vegetables

    love that image of foreigners ( 2 foreigners in bollywood) they are awesome

    it is awesome experience ofcourse better than metro ….

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  4. Local trains of Mumbai teach you the act of living and behaving in a socially sound way
    -> thats the punch line.

    liked the thoughts on mumbai train journey.j continue.. all best

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  5. Several years ago I traveled by train from Mumbai to Bengaluru round trip. I met many interesting people who were very gracious. I almost felt like an Indian while traveling on the train. I’ll always remember the Indian trains.

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