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Ganga Dasshara – 4

बड सुख सार पाओल तुअ तीरे
छोड़इत निकट नयन बह नीरे
कर जोरि बिनमओ विमल तरंगे
पुन दरसन होए पुनमति गंगे
एक अपराध छेमव मोर जानी
परसल माय पाय तुअ पानी
कि करब जप तप जोग धेआने
जनम कृतारथ एकहि सनाने
भनइ विद्यापति समदओं तोंही
अंत काल जनु बिसरह मोही

The poem written in Maithilee by the poet Vidyapati is one of the gems amongst the various stuti’s (songs of praise) written for Maa Ganga.

It’s a very simple poem with simple words but great feelings about a person who is very happy to be at the banks of Maa Ganga and today is watery eyed on the occasion of leaving her.

The poet asks Maa Ganga with folded hands to give him an opportunity to see Her again. The love of the poet compels him to ask for the permission.

He is describing how Her waters have dissolved all his sins till date and made him “Paapmukt” (devoid of sins).

Also he explains the importance of Her waters. He exemplifies that one dip in Her waters would fill his life with gratefulness. And he reiterates his faith that this cannot be got by even all the worship and penance.

Yesterday after writing one poem, I couldn’t stop myself from reading more and chanced upon this poem or rather a poem written to praise, by the poet Vidyapati from the 13th or 14th century. It is so beautiful that it forced to change my idea and I continued with poetry of Maa Ganga.

Sais and done, today I share a few Shayari’s about Maa Ganga written by Her children expressing their feelings.

Will begin with the nearness about Her that has being inculcated or imbibed in Indians as our caretaker. The thought that She can wash away the sins of not only today’s generation but also the coming ones has been well articulated by the ‘Shayar’.

बचाकर रखना गंगा को जरूरत कल भी बहुत होगी
यक़ीनन आने वाली पीढ़ी इतनी पाक भी नहीं होगी

Kokil Rajpurohit

The understanding about Ganga being the Mother of all civilisations in India as well as the Mother of all Indians, is so well put in words by the same poet, in his next ‘Shayari’.

ढूंढ़ती नही हैं पाकीज़गी बच्चों में
माँ खुद गंगा होने का हुनर रखती हैं

Kokil Rajpurohit

The next one talks about the Universal oneness a person feels sitting at Her banks. The milky way described is a combination of Maa Ganga and The Space is simple and lucid but mind blowing.

मैं आकाश, तुम गंगा
आओ बनाएँ आकाशगंगा

Anup Kamal Agarwal

The succeeding one, talks about the eternity of life as seen and understood the Indian way. A readiness to die and visit the cemetery is a characteristic of the Indians. No fear of death, if Maa Ganga is ready to accept me, is the thought conveyed by Harshitaji.

चक्कर मसानो के मैं भी लगा लेती,
यदि, गंगा मुझे अपने में समा लेती

Harshita Panchariya

The last one is very dear to my heart. Loved it the moment I read it. Its talks about “Moksh” (salvation of Soul). A wish expressed about Ganga passing through the hearts and delivering us, the Humans, from our whims and wishes. A beautiful analogy about Maa Ganga and Her ability to deliver us from the cycle of Life.

काश कोई गंगा गुज़रती इस दिल से मेरे
तो मरे हुए ख़्वाबों को मोक्ष मिल जाता

Sunita Sharma

There are many and there would be many as the relation we Indians share and celebrate with Maa Ganga cannot be put in words (अवर्णनीय). Am slowly losing myself in these thoughts about Ganga and the journey begun is not only being enjoyed and feel the bliss. Hope! My readers feel it too.

Namami Gange!

(PS : All Shayari’s taken from


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

14 thoughts on “Ganga Dasshara – 4

  1. I don’t resides in Mithila, yet my family speaks Maithili as we hail from that region.
    Songs of Vidyapati was frequently sung by my Grandpa and this was was very dear to him…
    This song has its legend and history. Good to know that you traverse the literature of different languages

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  2. It’s a beauty in itself that you thought of devoting some time for Maa Ganga! And trust me, the sanctity of Maa Ganga is beyond words. I had been to Chaardham this year and sitting on banks of Gangotri, you do not feel like coming back home, and when you are home, you think when do I go back there?!
    Maa Ganga is glory, story and innate fabric of India.

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  3. बहुत ही खूबसूरत रचना परमप्रिय कवि मैथिलीशरण गुप्त जी की। खूबसूरत श्रृंखला ।👌👌

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  4. “बचाकर रखना गंगा को जरूरत कल भी बहुत होगी
    यक़ीनन आने वाली पीढ़ी इतनी पाक भी नहीं होगी”
    वाह!बहुत अच्छी पंक्तिया 👌
    और बाकी सब भी।

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