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Thought #2

Exams on…


Rushing between school and class,

We have made the education a farce,

“to draw out” at loss…

Have been thinking about the process of examination now for a long time now. Is it to judge a person’s memory or his clarity of concept? Today it is more memorizing than clarity. The boards are now opening up to new thoughts and now a new dimension of application based questions has been added. Yet the problem of conceptual clarity is not being addressed.

Aren’t concepts important?

Aren’t students to be made to think on their own?

Shouldn’t we draw out the creativity within them?

Shouldn’t critical thinking be encouraged?

Shouldn’t analysis be the base of a students learning?

Education means “to draw out”.

I feel the students should enjoy this festival of exams. They should be not only willing but also enthusiastic about them. Exams should be about what they have learnt not how much they have learnt.

What do you all think? Waiting for your feedback too…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

60 thoughts on “Thought #2

      1. My view is that our system of education is regressive and examination, which is also part of educational process, is non different.
        A complete overall of it is required. Bits and pieces of reform will not help.

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  1. Very true amitbhai, now a days v see that all schools r giving bread earnings education, children’s were forgotten to play in grounds & outdoor games, even they don’t remember to play indoor games which in our childhood v played, it’s due to multi media & cells r responsible. Now it’s our parents duty to outcome our child from this,try to gave them healty way of education. Good topic u taken out.

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  2. Our education system should challenge the students in all aspects. Make them realize that nothing in life comes easy. And make sure that student learn to rise after they fall. The base should be critical thinking and analysis rather than the rote learning.
    I think implementing this will take some time. The sooner the better! Nice post

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    1. Agree completely.
      Exams are only testing how much the student remembers and not if he/she has really understood or learnt the subject.
      The flawed process of examination tests every student on same grounds. Whereas all individuals are inherently different and may exhibit different kinds of abilities which need different types of testing as well.
      A student with good analytical ability or logical reasoning may not be able to remember everything and do good in exams but they perform well in the real world.

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  3. I agree. Exams are not a punishment tool. It’s a learning tool. Exams help to gauge how much we have mastered our subject. But we are teaching too much. The weight of the bag is increasing but the quality of knowledge is decreasing. We need to revisit our syllabus and curriculum. Include things which are useful at our field practice level. We have to be sensitive to our national as well as individual needs.

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      1. My pleasure Sir. I am a medical teacher and a international student as well. I have seen the education system from both sides. Indian and international context. I found huge difference in teaching and evaluation methods of both education systems.

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  4. I used to do good in examinations in school, but that does not matter anyway now. Some basic science and other subjects do help us but we should be taught what we want to know about.
    All the knowledge is already in the world. By knowing everything we do not become intelligent but we should be taught how to think.

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  5. Bilkul sahi kaha exams ko festival ke rup men manaanaa chahiye….jahan hamen apne aap ko parakhne aur jivan men kiye bhul ko sudhaarne kaa ek shubh awasar milta hain…..bahut hi khubsurat vinduwon ko satyata se likha hai……behtarin post.

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  6. Very Much agree with you Ameetbhai
    Exams brings in tension to students and sometimes they fall sick due to the Two sided pressure…students loose their will to live..
    We all need to bring in Vedic way of learning

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  7. Amazing. Perfect thought. I wish every teacher was like you, Ameet ji. The examination system is, I feel not right. It encouarges rote learning. The questions you put forward are the exact questions that should be addressed.

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  8. Well exams should be just for the sake of test and student should not have or given a pressure !!
    Nowadays it’s too much in study system for both teachers and students and nothing is coming out of it , so education system should get some stuff out of it !!

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