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Poem #7

How fast we grew up?

Just a few days, the school goers,

We inspired by Bachhan and Khanna,

Used to imitate to live that life…

Now we, the grown ups,

Learned the hard way of life,

And try to guide our next generation,

On the ways to live…

Were we wrong then?

And are we right now?

It is all so mixed up,

For us to decide…

Let us be free today,

From this cast moulding belief,

Let us let them live their way,

Just be there to stop them from sway…


Am a teacher by profession. A student of History and international politics. Believe that Bhakti (Devotion) and Humanism can only save Humanity. Revere all creation. My thoughts are influenced by His Holiness Pandurang Shashtriji Athavale

34 thoughts on “Poem #7

  1. Our generation has seen shifts, growth in many areas. I personally feel we can guide our kids very well at least in the areas we are comfortable.

    We should just try and ensure we and the kids don’t miss to enjoy the journey. But it’s a fun raising the benchmarks each time !

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  2. Growing up is a mixed feeling. When being a kid all we wanted was to grow up, have fun, college life, freedom and etc. After growing u realise that small pants of school uniforms, pencils with broken nip, restriction after 10 pm, made more sense.

    PS:- just enjoy the moment. πŸ’—πŸ’—

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  3. Due to generation gap & we always feels that they are younger or tu haji naano chhe…But the young generations are maturing faster then us, due to exposure at finger tips…We must be friendly with them… and observe…Let them flow…

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